Ben Fredricks joined our family business on November 30, 2009 and it’s been a wonderful journey, so far!

They say that height and talent skip a generation. This is entirely the case in our family. Please note that, Ben is not standing on a soapbox in the photo above.

Ben is a well rounded designer with the ability to sketch, render, model and figure out how things will work when the concepts ultimately go into production. He has been a welcome addition to our team. Ben has contributed a lot to our business and, in many ways, we are just getting started!

The success rate for 2nd generation, family run businesses is extremely low. We have never really paid too much attention to data points as they relate our firm. We founded the company as a scrappy startup over 31 years ago and we have been successful by any measure.

We are extremely positive in our outlook for the future and excited about the opportunity to learn and grow together. Our future success will be built on our work with great Clients and a high performing design and engineering team.

Thanks, Ben for our past work together as we look forward to future growth and evolution for our family business!

Onward and upward…