Fredricks + Prefix Create a Strategic Partnership

Fredricks Design and Prefix partner to bring creative design, engineering, and build services to theme park and attractions developing rides, animated props, and mechanical effects projects. Our flexible and scalable solutions help bring stories to life, enhance guest experiences, and drive revenue for entertainment brands and theme parks. Whatever experience you’re developing, let Fredricks + Prefix help you tell your story with world-class innovation and creativity.

Fredricks Design, Inc.

Since 1984, Fredricks has worked with some of the world’s most demanding design and engineering teams to develop innovative products for end users. Specializing in cockpits, interior systems, seating, exterior trim & lighting for advanced vehicle development, as well as dark ride interiors and seating, Fredricks has the diverse experience necessary to develop new solutions that impress. A qualified vendor for all services throughout concept development, mockups & prototypes, Fredricks will deliver the creativity and innovation that set your project apart from the rest.


Founded in 1979, Prefix is the trusted, go-to resource for industries and manufacturers working to bring new ideas and innovative concepts to reality. With four impressive facilities and over 250 employees, Prefix is a one-stop shop for concept design, prototype builds & product fabrication, and offers both low volume production and sub-assembly. Their exceptional range of build and fabrication capabilities mean Prefix can bring your project to life, however you imagine it.

The Fredricks + Prefix Partnership

Two highly specialized, Michigan-based design, engineering and build teams combine to bring your themed attraction project to life. From concept ideation to fabrication, the Fredricks + Prefix partnership offers a seamless development process and world-class solutions.



Our full range of services include:

  • Project management
  • Concept ideation and development
  • Feasibility
    • A-surface
    • B-side
  • Prototype Development and Mock-up
  • Extensive Software Capabilities
    • SolidWorks
    • CATIA V5
    • Pro/E
    • NX
    • Alias





  • In-house machining and fabrication. Machines include:
    • CNC machines with Full 5-Axis Capability
    • Complete Suite of Metal forming Equipment
    • Multiple MIG and TIG welding booths
    • Water Jet Machines
  • Rapid Prototype Development
    • SLA Machines
    • Polyjet Machines
  • Precision Paint and Finishing
    • High and low bake downdraft paint booths
    • Precision vehicle build surface plates and rails

What We Create Together

Together, Fredricks + Prefix will partner with you to design, engineer, and build rides, animated props, and mechanical effect projects that tell your story and elevate guest experience. From ride vehicle development to guest kiosks & queue areas, animated props & mechanical effects, the Fredricks + Prefix combined teams have the experience, the creativity, and the capabilities necessary to bring your project to life.

Fredricks Design, Inc.

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Prefix Corporation

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